Sports Camps x Starboard Performance training camps

With every one pushing the abilities of the performance, with rising competitive level, we have to minimised the loses of trainings, make it professional and consistent. 

Nowadays we can see how rapidly SUP sport are developing, speed and time getting faster, numbers of riders who can win the race rising, gaps are smaller – all this points  showed that community are getting more professional specific in preparation. 

Sport get to level of specifying distance by athlete.

Using coaches for technique , functional trainings and the entire set of general and special physical trainings.

We propose that, by working together, we create training groups where everyone involved is mutually beneficial and valuable.

Durations of camp: 7 – 10 day

Group capacity: for 1 coach = 8 people 

How often :  January – 1х, February – 2x, March – 2x, April – x 1

What we offer: 

  • TOP athletes who need to monetize their experience and results thru the clinics / camps / advertising 
  • Motivated athletes who is training and preparing systematic and competing at main SUP events thru the training from TOP / International group training experience for progression / Availability of training infrastructure, strength training with specialists, exchange of experience with other riders
  • Brands (boards, paddles, accessories, wear and gear to involve more people into SUP discipline and rise the number of athletes at all stages )
  • Media ( create and promote content and PERSONALITY, promote Sport and Lifestyle )
  • Science ( create and work about training methodic, educational literature for athletes and coaches as well )

For all of this we have :

  • a great location in border between Asia and Europe , I mean Turkey , Antalya 

The advantages of it that from all over the world you can easily fly to Turkey with acceptable price for individual athletes. ( no visa policy as well )

  • Warm and soft climate during all winter 
  • Open water and flat water condition 
  • Ultra all inclusive accommodation and sport facilities with best quality / price policy 
  • Range of STARBOARD equipment ( boards/paddles) at the place for rent , which in practice a big issue for all community to travel with own one.

So we are exciting to invite you to grow and build community together! 

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