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Welcome to Sports Camps Group. We offer and organize highly effective sport camps for professional athletes in canoe/kayak, rowing and stand-up paddling (SUP) to help athletes better prepare for competition. Our top camp locations are in Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Union Paddlers

Star Board

Starboard creates the world’s most innovative & quality stand up paddleboards. With the widest range offering on the planet, there is the perfect Starboard paddle board for everyone’s individual requirements, skill level, budget and type of paddling.

Union Paddlers


Quickblade is the brainchild of Jim Terrell, a four time Olympic Canoeist (in fact, he has endless National and International awards and titles). His passion for building the finest competition paddles began at the ripe age of 11 in his father’s garage in Milford, Ohio.


NSP was born in 2001 from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen.
While working on Maui as a surfboard shaper, he had an idea about producing affordable, versatile, durable and great-performing surfboards for everyday surfers that didn’t require custom dimensions

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