By / for paddlers.

Hi, paddlers!
Created by paddlers for paddlers – these words are not just a slogan – it’s a synergy of experience of three Olympians in Canoe Sprint, Olympic Champion, World and European champions in canoe and SUP.
Where everyone was able to realize themselves in the sport, team management, and building logistics in Olympic canoe and kayak, rowing, as well as the organization of training camps across Europe for the past 8 years by management of Sports Camps.

We know from the inside the main points that prevent us from performing at our best.

We have traveled through the major events in the SUP 2022, found out the details from the inside, communicated with the riders – we offer a solution to the rental of SUP Race Boards and logistics.

While international brand ambassadors can afford board availability anywhere (several top riders) in the world, for most of the community this is a big challenge, and we take it up!

As fans of the SUP community and we want it’s development, using our experience and your recommendations we want a progression where everyone benefits.

Renting and logistics of sports equipment was the solution to several issues such as :

  • the geography of competitions is becoming wider, when the teams participating do not need to carry their own equipment, events can be held anywhere in the world.
  • Similarly for athletes, the availability of a new racing board rental at major events, untie their hands, in compiling a calendar, thereby leaving only to build your own personal route, despite the fact that the transportation of their equipment is also a cost, but also will take a lot of energy and time.

We want you to “Travel Light”

With the ability to rent the right race board for the event, you can also take out carbon paddles, so you can travel a lot more geographically. We offer premium racing boards for rent at competitions, starting from one day, for the entire event, as well as you can rent a board for a series of events. We can transport your board to events that are listed in our calendar. Look in the section “events” where we will be present and choose the available board.

«UP» Platform!

We have been organizing training camps for 8 years for Olympic teams and together we propose to create a platform where the motivated rider / group or SUP club can join the training camp, in locations with infrastructure for the preparation of Olympic athletes, where they will improve their own skills and personal performance. 

Also, we can provide all the tools to organize your clinic, training camp, in our list at different times of the year we have camps in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Italy, Portugal and Morocco.

Watch our news for upcoming events, and we are always open for a partnership.

Union Paddlers powered by Sports Camps Group Ltd.

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